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Hi, I’m N30j0su3, Full Stack JS web developer. All my life I’ve loved technology, so after studying hard and working for years in other systems areas (tech support, networking, and system administration), I finally became a programming geek.

I have coding skills in Javascript, PHP, SQL, HuGO, HTML, and Wordpress development. I also have experience in NodeJS, VueJS, NUXT, AngularJS, and other open technologies.

I know metrics management and SEO with Google tools (Analytics, Search Console) and I have some skills in digital marketing, CRM tools, CMS, LMS and IT security.



Work Process


Research and Plan

I accompany you from the beginning to establish the best technological option according to your communication needs.


Design and Develop

Don’t know how to code? I do. That’s why I take care of creating the right functionality for your project using programming tools.



Implementation and start-up is not a problem, I support you in the implementation process and advise you until your project is up and running.